It all began with the vision of Marie Jeanne Chalambert-LaVigne (F.W.C.), a free woman of color and business and property owner born 1768 in New Orleans, Louisiana...We're not just good food and unique gourmet gifts; We Are Creole Legacy!

The "Creole" legacy and heritage of Mere Viola's Inc. founder and executive chef Vaughn Fritzgerald Moore is profoundly (passionately) rooted in Faubourg Treme, the oldest African American community in the United States.  "Treme" what it's endearingly termed today by most New Orleans' locals was founded in 1775 by hat maker and real estate developer Claude Treme, and is most notably known as the "ground zero" of New Orleans culture.  It was there in Treme that many free and freed persons of color, which included mixed-race creole, Africans and Caribbeans, purchased and sold property, freely used the court of law in legal disputes, owned businesses and moreover lived very lavish and wealthy lifestyles.  His 5th removed great grandmother Marie Jeanne Chalambert was one of many femmes du couleur libre who enjoyed such liberties.  Somewhere between 1788 and 1790 she fell in love with a French Creole named Joseph LaVigne Sr.  Through their union several children were produced and they remained together until his death in 1816 at the age of 49. Joseph's mother, the late Jeanne Marie Rillieux-LaVigne, the 6th removed great grandmother of our ingenuous founder, is the aunt of American inventor Norbert Rillieux and famous French impressionist painter Edgar Degas.  This is just a small insightful look into the vast tradition, culture and warm gentile spirit that is the driving force behind the development and creation of Mere Viola's Inc.


Mere Viola's, Inc. is a full-service gourmet catering operation that specializes in authentic, traditional New Orleans fare.  In addition, we sport an impeccably delicious Nouveau and Haute Creole signature menu painstakingly crafted by chef Vaughn, a result of his experience with and love of multi-ethnic international foods.  Since our establishment in 2015 we've been testing and tweaking a unique array of signature products to ultimately bring to public market. From beautifully hand-crafted artisan cakes to succulent gourmet savories, and mouthwatering confections/pastries, Mere Viola's Inc aims to provide the BEST money can buy. We've been constant participants in such major local food trade events as the New York City Wine and Food Festival, Marcus Samuelsson's Harlem Eat Up and the BCA Global Annual Food & Wine Gala to name a few.  Chef Vaughn has also been featured in such magazine publications as Black Enterprise and Sheen.


We've adopted the mantra Creole Goodness At Its BEST because we believe in celebrating our rich creole history and educating our clients on the origin of the rich culture and delicious foods they love and enjoy.  When you patronize Mere Viola's, you are not only getting deliciousness and beauty at its BEST, you're receiving love, legacy and amazing history. 


We are available for private and corporate events.

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